Mezopotamya’nın büyülü kızı Şahmaran’ı 40 yıldır bakıra işliyor

In a small shop in Revaklı Market in Mardin, Tacettin Toparlı has been practicing the art of copper work for forty years. We, as Herkes Duysun, had the opportunity to visit Toparlı and witness his art up close. Here is Tacettin Toparlı’s endless love for Şahmaran… Şehmus EDİZ – Herkes Duysun / MARDİN (İGFA) – Tacettin Toparlı, known as Ebu Burak in Mardin, has been practicing the craft of copper work that he learned from his father for 40 years in Revaklı Market. Toparlı described his art to Herkes Duysun and said that he works with copper during the day, daydreams at night, and tells stories. Toparlı, who received the craft from his grandfather, said that he is still trying to keep this craft alive after 40 years and added, “I make great efforts to teach the new generations after me.” “LET EVERYONE HEAR THE ŞAHMARAN STORY”Toparlı, the master copper worker, stated that the Şahmaran story is a very long one and said, “The story tells us that Şahmaran is half human, half healing, and the rest is poison… In the story, it starts like this: Human beings are ungrateful. For small gains, they show great approval for the harm of others. Human beings will do anything for their own interests. Let everyone hear this story!” Toparlı explained the emphasis of the story with the following words: “What this story wants to convey is to forget betrayal and to teach not to betray. It is a great virtue to engrave Şahmaran, like this philosophy of life, onto glass, wood, and copper, to weave it into a coin purse, and to bring it to life in the necklaces of beautiful brides made by silver filigree craftsmen.” he said. TOPARLI’S TEACHER IS PROUD OF HIMHatip Durdu, a teacher who we met in Toparlı’s shop and who came to his hometown of Mardin after 45 years, visited the copper craftsman Tacettin Toparlı and expressed his pride in him by saying: “Especially the fact that he engraves this Şahmaran legend onto copper and promotes Mardin makes us proud. It is very important for both Mardin and Turkey that he continues this profession and that our young brother gets involved in these works. I congratulate him.” WHAT IS THE STORY OF THE ŞAHMARAN LEGEND?Three friends make a living by cutting wood in Mesopotamia. One day, the three friends go in search of dry wood in the depths of the forest. Just as they find the wood, the sky thunders, and dark clouds pour rain in the form of steam into the forest. The three friends see a cave door among the trees and take shelter in the cave. The rain pours. One of the young men gets angry, throws a strong kick towards the cave floor. His foot gets caught in a lid and he tries to lift the lid in excitement, thinking he found treasure. He can’t do it alone. He informs his friends. The three friends lift the lid together. A clear liquid appears before them. They taste it. It is honey-like liquid from the well. They go back home, take whatever utensils they have, and come back. They fill the honey into containers and stack them inside the cave. The well deepens, and they hang one of their friends into the well. They fill buckets of honey and give it to their friend. The well deepens and the honey runs out. The young man, while waiting for his friends to pull him up, closes the lid of the well with the thought of “let’s not share the honey.” Betrayed by his friends, the young man waits in helpless despair at the bottom of the well. In the meantime, he hears a movement and sees a beam of light at the edge of the well. He sifts through the soil with his hands. Another world appears before him, a different dimension. Snakes, scorpions, and dragons roam around. It is filled with greenery and fruit trees… In the middle of this beautiful greenery and natural wonder stands a large throne… The young man throws himself onto the throne, overwhelmed by the fatigue of the day and the grandeur of the scenery, and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he wants to get up, but he sees a Şahmaran wrapped around him. At first sight, the young man and Şahmaran fall in love with each other. HUMAN BEINGS WILL DO ANYTHING FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTSThis is a fairy tale! Over time, the young man longs for his family, friends, and the place he was born. Şahmaran has been betrayed before. She does not look favorably upon the young man’s desire to return. The young man weakens day by day through sadness, and Şahmaran can no longer bear to see the young man in this state. She takes an oath from the young man not to betray and fills a light bag with a heavy load and leaves the young man at the opening of the well. The young man is happy, he reunites with his homeland and his family. In the meantime, the ruler of the country is afflicted with a deadly disease. The medical professionals believe that the ruler will be cured if he eats the flesh of Şahmaran. News is spread everywhere that whoever reveals the whereabouts of Şahmaran will be rewarded with as much gold as desired. Şahmaran’s lover, the young man, already has enough gold and pays no attention to the announcement. The ruler’s illness worsens increasingly. As a last resort, a decree is issued stating that whoever finds the location of Şahmaran will marry the ruler’s beautiful daughter and become a vizier at the same time. The young man, who is in love with the ruler’s daughter, shows the well where Şahmaran is located. Şahmaran’s end is bitter. Şahmaran’s final words are “Human beings will do anything for their own interests.”

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