BURSKOOP’a rekor başvuru

The applications for the scholarships provided by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for students who prefer certain departments of universities and vocational high schools have ended. While the number of applications was 14 thousand last year, it reached 24 thousand this year, and a total of 10 thousand students will be supported with 80 million TL through BURSKOOP for a period of 8 months. BURSA (İGFA) – Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized significant investments in every level of education from early childhood education with “Ana Kucağı” to lifelong learning with BUSMEK, continues to support students with scholarships. This year, a scholarship of 1,250 TL per month for 8 months will be given to 5,000 university students through the Limited Liability Bursa Development and Education Cooperative, abbreviated as “BURSKOOP”. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which includes vocational high schools in the scope of scholarships in order to meet the intermediate personnel needs of the industrial city of Bursa, will also grant scholarships to 5,000 vocational high school students this year, with a monthly amount of 750 TL for a period of 8 months. Students who choose departments such as Information Technology, Biomedical Device Technologies, Child Development and Education, Electrical-Electronics Technologies, Industrial Automation Technologies, Shipbuilding, Food Technology, Beauty Services, Patient and Elderly Services, Animal Health and Breeding, Construction Technology, Chemical Technology, Laboratory Services, Accommodation and Travel Services, Printing Services, Machine and Design Technology, Metal Technology, Metallurgy Technology, Furniture and Interior Design, Fashion Design Technologies, Motor Vehicle Technologies, Plastic Technology, Rail Services Technology, Health Services, Agriculture, Textile Technology, Plumbing Technology and Air Conditioning, Aircraft Maintenance, Transportation Services, Renewable Energy, Food and Beverage Services, Graphic Design and Photography, Micro Mechanics, and Accounting and finance will be able to benefit from the scholarship opportunity. 24 THOUSAND APPLICATIONS The scholarship applications from BURSKOOP ended on October 15th, and the number of applications, which was 14 thousand last year, reached 24 thousand this year. The evaluation process for all applicants has started, and it is planned to deposit the scholarships into the accounts by the end of November. While the scholarship amount for vocational high school students, which was 300 TL in the previous academic year, has increased to 750 TL this year, 6 thousand TL per student and a total of 30 million TL scholarships will be provided to vocational high school students for a period of 8 months. Similarly, the university scholarships, which were 500 TL last year, have been increased to 1250 TL this year. As a result, 10 thousand TL per student and a total of 50 million TL scholarships will be provided to university students for a period of 8 months. BURSKOOP will provide a total support of 80 million TL to university and vocational high school students in this academic year.

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