Bursa Gürsu’da tarihi geçmiş 280 ürüne el konuldu!

In Bursa, the Gürsu Municipal Police teams seized 280 expired products during their inspections at markets. BURSA (İGFA) – The Gürsu Municipal Police instantly evaluates all kinds of requests and complaints from citizens and continues their inspections intensively for the health and safety of the citizens. The teams seized a total of 280 expired products during their inspections throughout the district, especially in İpekyolu Neighborhood. After the products, some of which were food and some were cleaning supplies, were destroyed, administrative fines were imposed on 3 businesses in Gürsu. Gürsu Municipality Mayor Mustafa Işık stated, “Our Municipal Police teams are continuously conducting inspections. Legal sanctions have been applied to the supermarkets that provide consumers with expired products within our district. Our inspections will continue without interruptions.”

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