Türk Devletleri Teşkilatı medyaları Bişkek’te toplandı

In Kyrgyzstan, the 5th Meeting of Ministers and High-Level Officials Responsible for Media and Information of the Turkic States Organization (TSO) was held. ANKARA (IGFA) – According to the news from the Presidency of Communication, the TSO media meeting was organized in Bishkek. The meeting was hosted by Altınbek Maksutov, the Minister of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of Kyrgyzstan. Hazal Duran, the Director of Strategic Communication and External Relations at Anadolu Agency, Gökçen Oğan, the Head of External Relations and Corporate Communication at TRT Avaz, and officials from the Presidency of Communication also attended the meeting. Maksutov stated that they came together to strengthen the bridges of trust among TSO member countries and improve cooperation, emphasizing that the main purpose of the organization is to strengthen peace and stability, develop mutual relations and potential. Minister Maksutov said, “In this context, as TSO countries, we should intensify our efforts together to combat misinformation in order to preserve peace and stability in our countries. The Turkic world is a big family. We should continue to support each other and show mutual unity, taking into account the interests of each nation.” “WE MUST ENSURE THAT OUR SOCIETIES ARE PROPERLY INFORMED” Kubanychbek Omuraliyev, the Secretary General of TSO, thanked Maksutov for hosting and warm hospitality in his speech, and emphasized the need for the Turkic world to make joint efforts in combating fake news and promote their just causes to the world public opinion. Omuraliyev said, “We must ensure that our societies are properly informed.” He stated that the Turkic world needs to act collectively with information and media institutions in the fight against misinformation, and they should use modern communication tools together. Emphasizing that the media is the voice of the people reflecting their aspirations, concerns, and diversity, Omuraliyev evaluated, “In today’s fast digital age, where information spreads at the speed of light, the media has the power to both enlighten and misinform, fill gaps, or deepen divisions. Therefore, we must maintain the highest standards in journalism ethics, accuracy, and impartiality.” Omuraliyev stated that the strong cooperation established among Turkic states in the 21st century in the increasingly multipolar world is of great importance for the peace, tranquility, and development of the Eurasian region. Ahmed Ismailov, the Executive Director of Azerbaijan’s Media Development Agency, reminded that they organized the Shusha Global Media Forum in their country this year and drew attention to the role played by national media in providing accurate information and combating misinformation during the war. Kanat Iskakov, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Information of Kazakhstan, explained the information doctrine adopted in his country to support local media and increase access to information. Oğuz Güner, the Head of Public Diplomacy Department at the Presidency of Communication of Turkey, expressed that they will continue to be the voice of the Turkic world and fight against misinformation as the Presidency of Communication, saying, “We are pleased to be in the platform created by the TSO based on the solidarity of people with common historical, linguistic, and cultural values. As long as we are together, we are strong.” Asadjon Hodjayev, the Chairman of the Information and Mass Communications Agency of Uzbekistan, discussed the impact of media and information technologies on societies and gave an example of collaboration with the Presidency of Communication in Turkey, proposing the establishment of a working group to combat misinformation in the Turkic world. Orazdurdi Hodjanazarov, the Chairman of the Board of Altyn Asyr Television and Radio Corporation of Turkmenistan, explained the cooperation of media institutions in their country with international media organizations.

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