Hatay’da bereketli gübreler dağıtılıyor

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Lütfü Savaş made important statements about the organic-mineral fertilizer they produce in order to support farmers within the scope of the rural development projects implemented. HATAY (İGFA) – Mayor Lütfü Savaş, who announced that they sell fertilizer well below the market price with the aim of reducing farmers’ production costs and preserving the soil, said that they also aim to maximize production in Hatay through proper agriculture. Mayor Savaş explained that they continue to provide support to producers in terms of seedling, seed, and high-quality cheap fertilizers within the Rural Development Project. “We provide both seed and seedling support to our people who have fields and gardens. And for the last two years, we have been producing very affordable and high-quality organic-mineral fertilizer. With this fertilizer, the hardness of the soil also becomes more productive. We want to prevent it from becoming expensive. We do not provide it to dealers. We deliver it to our citizens through our village headmen and opinion leaders. With organic-mineral fertilizer, yield increases by 30 percent. Our fertilizer is not chemical, it is completely natural. The world is increasingly turning to organic products. And everyone is avoiding chemical products. I always tell you the truth. Our municipality does not profit from this. We want to sell you quality products. We aim to lower the market through competition. Our goal is for our farmers to win,” he said.

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