Geleceğin BTÜ’lü Mühendisleri profesyonellerle buluştu

The Future Engineer Summit (Geleceğin Mühendisleri Zirvesi) has started today at Bursa Technical University (BTÜ). Organized by the BTÜ Women Engineers Community, the Bursa Women Engineers Association (BUMKAD), and Discover The Talent, the event will last for two days.BURSA (İGFA) – The ‘Future Engineer Summit’ at BTÜ aims to allow BTÜ students to keep up with current industry developments, meet industry experts, and seize various career opportunities. The event, which is being held in Bursa for the first time, is taking place at the Mimar Sinan Campus. Speaking at the opening of the event, BTÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Çağlar said, “Representatives of our city’s and country’s leading industrial organizations will be with us throughout the two-day event. Top-level representatives from the business world will share their experiences on the concept of engineering and its requirements, while student-company meetings will shed light on career planning for our students.” Çağlar also mentioned that BTÜ students graduate with work experience through the Business Vocational Training Program (İMEP) and stated, “With this program, our students start their professional lives one step ahead. We highly value events like this, which bring the business world together with our students, especially through student communities.” FIRST TIME AT BTÜÜlfet Öztürk, the Founding President of BUMKAD, expressed her pride in having this event held at Bursa Technical University for the first time. Öztürk said, “We will be together with expert professionals in this event. We will talk about innovation, technology, and sustainability. We want to support you, as students, in finding your direction and creating awareness with events like this. We will spend two days here that are both educational and informative.” Elif Doylan, the President of the BTÜ SWE Student Committee, also emphasized the importance of the event for future engineers and stated that it will provide significant contributions to the participants.

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