Bursa Büyükşehir’den ‘kafeste yaşayan canlı bakımı’ eğitimi

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality’s “Captive Animal Care Training” included in the planned 2023 education program was held for the Zoo staff. BURSA (İGFA) – Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues its in-service training programs for its personnel without interruption in order to maximize service quality. As part of the program, “Captive Animal Care Training” was provided to the personnel working at the Zoo. Uludağ University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Instructor Prof. Dr. Ebru Yalçın provided information on what needs to be done to ensure animal welfare and prevent possible work accidents. Prof. Dr. Yalçın gave training to the staff on various topics, such as making animals resistant to diseases, implementing high-standard care and feeding programs for animals, determining the cleaning materials to be used, keeping animals away from stress, and protecting animals from potential dangers from other animals.

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