Aslı Hünel ile Gelin Evi, yeni bölümüyle 18 Ekim Çarşamba günü saat 12.15’te Show TV’de!

Show TV’s phenomenon competition program “Aslı Hünel ile Gelin Evi” continues with an exciting week full of competition. In the new episode of Aslı Hünel ile Gelin Evi, they will visit the home of Mehtap Bölükbaş, a 30-year-old, 2-week-old bride. Mehtap Bride’s home decoration, hospitality, table presentation, dowry, and wedding will be evaluated. At the end of the week, the winning bride will receive the grand prize of 50,000 TL. Additionally, the bride who wins the relationship test between the host bride and her husband, will receive gold coins, and the winners of the skill game played by five brides throughout the week will receive surprise gifts.

Aslı Hünel ile Gelin Evi, with its new episode, will be aired on October 18th, Wednesday at 12:15 on Show TV!

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