Ali Gençli’nin imza günü gerçekleşti

Keşanlı, a television and film actor, writer, and poet Ali Gençli, organized a book signing event in Keşan.Erdoğan DEMİR / EDİRNE (İGFA) –  The book signing event, which took place at Keşan Art Center, was attended by Kemal Değirmendereli, the former Edirne Deputy of the 24th term for the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Keşan businessman Ali Osman Kale, Bülent Saylam, a member of the Keşan District Board for CHP, Burhanettin Özkaynak, a member of the Central Board of the United Retirees’ Union (BES), and Ferhat Edirneli, the President of BES Keşan Branch, as well as many book lovers. Gençli thanked everyone who attended the book signing event and said, “I would also like to thank the Keşan Art directors for giving me the opportunity to have a book signing event for my book ‘Figüran’. As a Keşanlı, I am honored to organize my first book signing event in my hometown. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who supported and accompanied me on this journey.”

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